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RDS/RBDS кодер с портами LAN,  USB и RS-232 совместимый со стандартом UECP.

SmartGen 5.0 is the result of the “Keep It Simple” principle. The unit supports all RDS applications in conformity with European CENELEC and United States NRSC standards, and it is fully compatible with UECP EBU SPB490 Version 7.05. Thus it allows the various functions like the RDS levels, the RDS injection level, and remote phase to be controlled via UECP over the Internet.

The SmartGen 5.0 can be controlled by RS-232, USB, LAN, WAN, or via the Internet, on a global level. The most common settings can be changed in a Web interface. For more advanced settings the unit can be controlled by the user-friendly “SmartGen RDS/RDBS Encoder Manager.”

The RDS encoder can perform all the operations expected by a device of this high-class - from a simple configuration for a local radio station to a complex RDS configuration with ODA, EON and TMC implementations for several radio stations. In addition, the interactive function RT+ for song tagging is also fully supported.


Описание Radio Data System (RDS) на Википедии



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