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WHARTON 401A.057.G.S Цифровые часы (часы/минуты/ секунды)



WHARTON 401A.057.G.S Цифровые часы (часы/минуты/ секунды) символы семи-сегментные зеленые
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WHARTON 401A.057.G.S Цифровые часы (часы/минуты/ секунды) символы семи-сегментные зеленые


  • Ultra reliable, 12 or 24 hour, blue, green, red or yellow time display.
  • N and NE versions are 10/100Base-t Ethernet NTP enabled for simple low cost installation and control via your existing Ethernet network. learn more...
  • 110-230V AC, 12 or 24V DC or PoE (Power over Ethernet) power supply options.
  • High quality aluminium cases, anodised or painted finish in a choice of colours. Learn more...
  • Options for surface or flush wall mounting or for ceiling suspension. Double sided clocks are supplied with supports for ceiling suspension.
  • Extensive International Quality and Performance Approvals and Certification. These digital clocks are approved for London Underground applications and some models have Network Rail Infrastructure approval (PA05/03968). Learn more...
  • Alternating date or temperature information display. learn more...
  • E and NE versions will operate as a programmable multi-function stopwatch or as a count-down or count-up timer controlled by its IR handset, by a dedicated stop watch switch control panel or by external user supplied voltage free switch contacts.learn more...
  • IR handset for time-setting, configuration and multi-function stopwatch control.
  • E and NE versions will operate stand-alone, as a slave or secondary clock controlled by numerous time signals or as a 'local master' clock controlling up to 5 similar units.learn more...

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