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DEVA Broadcast DB-44 Мониторинговый FM-приемник



Компактный мониторинговый FM-приемник
Цена: 86 060 руб
Товар под заказ. Предоплата 100%

Компактный мониторинговый FM-приемник, с Ethernet портом

A product that reflects our long-term experience in FM monitoring, the compact DSP-based DB44 is the perfect solution for 24/7/365 operation. This simple, yet feature-rich device can measure RF level, MPX deviation, MPX power, Left & Right audio levels, RDS, and Pilot injection levels.

The DB44 is a cost-effective unit for regular monitoring of the quality and continuity of FM radio stations or radio networks. All received measurements are refreshed simultaneously and synchronously, allowing detailed readings of all multiplex FM signal components. By supporting TCP/IP and GSM Connectivity (optional), the DB44 allows easy channel status monitoring and real time audio listening from anywhere through any kind of mobile phone. What is more, via the built-in audio streamer you can listen to and record the audio from any station.

The DB44 is also accompanied by the DB44 Device Manager software, developed exclusively for the remote monitoring and control of this compact monitoring receiver.


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