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DEVA Broadcast DB-8008 детектор тишины



Детектор тишины
Цена: 166 500 руб
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Детектор тишины, с резервным MP3 и IP плеером

The DB8008 Digital Silence Monitor is a permanent solution for the dreaded dead air problem. This unit will detect silence and will switch instantaneously to an alternative source.

The DB8008 has a fully DSP-based core, intelligent silence detector and backup audio switcher. At your command is a variety of audio sources including a multiformat IP audio stream with up to three separate sources. The built-in MP3 Player can store up to 2 Gigabytes of audio, which will allow you to select from a wide assortment of backup audio files, uploaded directly from your PC, using any FTP client.

For your convenience the DB8008 can send alert notifications through E-mail, SNMP, or via analog opto-coupled outputs. Configuration and monitoring have never been so easy. This Digital Silence Monitor features: TCP/IP Port, SNMP, WEB interface, front panel LCD, and a keyboard. And, thanks to the embedded FTP server, you can always rely on fresh audio tracks.

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