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RDS кодер

The SmartGen Mini is the easiest and most inexpensive solution for your station for RDS/RBDS. The USB and LAN connectivity allows programming of the non-volatile memory, using any PC and the supplied Windows® software.

The built-in USB, TCP/IP, UDP/IP interfaces grants full integration of RDS/RBDS transmissions with the station’s other network functions. The interactive function RT+ for song tagging is fully supported. The SmartGen Mini also is an impressive, cost-effective solution for sending TMC and EWS Services. And the unit can be easily set up anywhere via the WEB Interface or the dedicated SmartGen RDS/RBDS Encoders Manager and then taken to the transmitter site for installation.

The SmartGen Mini will identify your station by format, display your station's "street name" and continuously transmit any station promo or, alternatively, an advertising message to your listeners. Overall the SmartGen Mini is an extremely useful and powerful RDS encoder in a small package.



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